Maintaining the Breast Prosthesis

There are a number of practical things that you can do to maintain the breast prosthesis to ensure that it keeps its shape and form. Highlighted on this page are a few important things to be mindful of.

  • To maintain the breast prosthesis, wash it with mild soap and rinse in warm water
  • Do not use solvents under any circumstances
  • After the hand wash, dab the breast prosthesis gently with a soft towel to dry
  • Do not place the breast form on any form of heater, nor should you use a hair dryer
  • If practical, use the original box to store the breast prosthesis or when moving the breast prosthesis
  • Keep sharp or pointed objects, including jewellery, away from the breast prosthesis, as it can be permanently damaged by such objects.
  • Be careful with your breast prosthesis around pets – their claws can damage the lining
  • Always read and observe the care information included within each breast form
  • For more information about how to maintain the breast prosthesis, please feel free to call our team on 0800 612-612
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