The compression works to improve the venous or lymphatic return flow through better circulation. It applies pressure to the veins and body tissue, helping blood flow through the limbs, and this reduces any swelling.

Compression garments are an important aid in medical therapies and they can also be used as a preventative measure while in standing occupations, or against embolisms when travelling and being seated for long periods.

Compression garments are proven in both prevention and in accelerating the healing process of venous skin ulcers.

Compression Socks, Stockings and Armsleeves

Naturalwear compression garments for men and women include; compression socks, travel socks, thigh stockings, armsleeves and more. Whether for reasons of support or for treatment of a medical condition, Naturalwear compression socks, stockings and armsleeves will greatly assist your health and wellbeing.

Compression garments have been proven to dramatically assist with conditions such as; tired legs, varicose veins, swollen arms, or lymphoedema.

Naturalwear staff are fully trained in measuring and fitting compression socks, stockings and armsleeves. When dealing with medical conditions, our team will take the advice from you and your medical health professional to ensure you obtain the best product along with care and professionalism.

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Compression Medical Garments

The most common types of medical compression garments are compression socks, stockings and armsleeves. Medical garments are prescribed by a physician, and the limbs need to be measured by our specialist fitters at Naturalwear to ensure the guidelines and advice from your medical professional is carefully followed.

The correctly measured and fitted compression sock or stocking will then be supplied from our own stock of world leading brands, or alternatively we will have your custom knitted product made to measure to your exact requirements.

In the cases of medical garments, our customers will be referred to us by their doctor or medical centre, so please ask your health professional about our service.

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Compression Support Socks and Stockings

Naturalwear’s support socks and stockings not only look smart, they are also easier to put on and are comfortable to wear due to the quality of materials used by our international suppliers Medi and Venoflex.

The compression support garments include compression travel socks and stockings are intended to provide relief for minor complaints, such as heavy legs or water retention in the tissues. They are also highly advantageous for preventative measures when travelling or if you are standing for prolonged periods of time.

The support socks and stockings are for men and women and can be supplied in different fashion colours and fabrics for your comfort.

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