1. What is my entitlement via the MOH Breast Prosthesis Subsidy Payment?

Every four years you are entitled to receive $613.33 worth of approved products. If you have had bilateral surgery then this subsidy benefit to you, doubles to $1226.66.

2. Can I use my MOH Breast Prosthsis subsidy with Naturalwear, after using a portion of my subsidy previously with a different provider company, and visa versa?

Yes, of course you can. It is your own subsidy benefit to use with any approved service provider.

3. Do I have to use all my MOH Breast Prosthsis subsidy all at once?

No, not at all. You have four years to use your subsidy benefit, and it must be used prior to your four year anniversary roll-over date. This is when you will once again receive your new applicable subsidy benefit.

4. What products can I claim, under this Govt subsidy payment?

The subsidy payment can be used to purchase a breast prosthesis or prostheses and other related products. These products include, but may not be limited to: (A) Breast prosthesis or breast forms (these may include standard breast forms, swim form, foam filler, shell prosthesis and lumpectomy shells); (B) Special pocketed bras to hold the breast prosthesis or breast forms; (C) Surgical bras, compression bras, normal bras and pocketed cami tops; (D) Modifications to bras to hold a prosthesis or breast form; and (E) Prosthetic nipples.

5. What if I buy goods online with my credit card, make a claim against my MOH Breast prosthesis subsidy through Naturalwear, and then find that my purchase is not reimbursed for some particular reason?

If Naturalwear makes the claim on your behalf, then we will also notify you if there is any problem it obtaining your reimbursement. It is for this reason that Naturalwear can not make any guarantees to you about reimbursement, as we are not privy to your personal situation or your prior spending. We will always do our best to assist you.

6. How much product will my MOH Breast Prosthesis Subsidy get me?

Usually one breast-form and either two or three bras for $613.33, or double this amount, if you have had bi-lat surgery and are entitled to double the amount, being $1226.66. It’s always best to call us on 0800 612-612 to talk through your product needs.

7. Will I be entitled to a MOH Breast Prosthesis subsidy if I have had a reconstructive surgery following my full or partial mastectomy?

The short answer is “Yes, you are likely to be eligible”. Often, even after a reconstruction, you may still require a breast prosthesis – often only a ‘partial’ – but this would usually qualify you to obtain the MOH Breast Prosthesis Subsidy. At Naturalwear, we are happy to talk to you or your health professional about any questions relating to qualifying criteria of the subsidy benefit and where you can go for additional information.

8. Does the Naturalwear Bra and Breast Form Fitting Service cost anything?

No, this is a free service as long as you purchase goods over $50.00 on the day of your fitting. If no goods are purchased, then a small charge of $30.00 will apply for the full bra and breast-form fitting.

9. Can I bring a support person to my personalized breast-form and bra fitting?

Yes of course you can bring someone along to support you. We think this is a great idea and encourage your support, especially when it is your first time seeing us.

10. What should I do if I don’t feel that my products fit me correctly, even if it is days after I have had my fitting at Naturalwear?

We would hope and encourage you to contact us immediately so we can get the fitting and feeling exactly right for you. We do have NZ’s widest range of mastectomy breast care products, so we are confident of getting the best fit to suit you.

11. What is your returns policy for the breast care products – in case I get the fit wrong, or I change my mind?

When buying online, we offer a 7 day money back guarantee from the date of purchase, no matter what the reason. We do of course always insist that the goods are returned in their original condition, “as new”, with labels attached. Our 7 day returns policy only operates with online purchases, and it does not apply when making phone orders or when you purchase off one of our staff, as this may include a fitting, and all our products are classified as “intimate” garments. See our T&C’s for more info.

12. Does Naturalwear ship internationally?

International shipping is only available by prior arrangement and through our customer service centre. Any international order requests can be emailed to service@naturalwear.co.nz and our team will get back in touch with a response to confirm what options are available.

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