• Priform Breast Form $110.00

    This soft, comfortable temporary breast form has all the benefits of the standard Priform. It can be worn in the pocket of any Amoena post-surgical bra until replaced by a silicone breast form after her scars heal.

  • Essential 363 Breast Form $470.00

    If you’re looking for a breast form that offers reliable performance, superb comfort and everyday good looks, the Amoena Essential range is the one that you can depend on day in, day out.

  • Balance Natura Special Ellipse 231 Partial Breast Form $350.00

    Balance Natura Ellipse is our newest shape in a portfolio of comfortable bra inserts; it can be positioned anywhere and is particularly suited for the lower part of the bra cup.

  • Balance Natura Thin Oval 227 Partial Breast Form $350.00

    Balance partial shapers (sometimes called bra inserts) create a flawless silhouette, whether you’ve always been naturally uneven, or have had a lumpectomy or reconstructive surgery and need a little help filling the cup of your bra.

  • Balance Natura Volume 222 Partial Breast Form $350.00

    For a fuller cup, the Balance Natura Volume in our improved Delta shape helps even you out if you’re naturally asymmetric or have had breast surgeries like lumpectomy or reconstruction.

  • Balance Natura Light 221 Partial Breast Form $350.00

    The new Balance Natura Light partial breast shaper is designed to provide shape and fill in where you might be uneven, from lumpectomy or reconstructive surgery, or just from natural asymmetry.

  • Balance Natura Medium 220 Partial Breast Form $350.00

    Balance partial shapers provide instant shape and a flawless silhouette, whether you’ve always been naturally uneven, or have had a lumpectomy or reconstructive surgery and need a little help filling the cup of your bra.

  • Post Surgical Soft Cover $25.00

    The Post Surgical Soft Covers (softies) are designed to be worn immediately after mastectomy surgery. They are soft and light weight, perfect for the 6 – 8 weeks of recovery recommended before being fitted with a silicone prosthesis.

  • Soft Cleanser $35.00

    Amoena Soft Cleanser is specifically formulated for the Contact adhesive surface and contains no oil-based substances. It is also suitable for cleaning non-adhesive breast forms. It is free of PEG/PEG derivatives, dyes and parabens.

  • Balance Varia 285 Partial Breast Form $350.00

    For woman following breast saving surgery, radiotherapy, reconstruction or naturally uneven breasts. Amoena Balance Partials consist of two layers: a very soft cup silicone layer in regular weighted silicone and a Comfort+ layer including a lightweight silicone on the back side, a super-soft film on the cup side with finely tapered edges.

  • Amoena Adhesive Nipples $120.00

    The Amoena Adhesive nipples are ideal for wearing with tight fitting tops. These self adhesive nipples are easy to apply and remove. Made from a soft silicone they form a soft fit, embracing the curve of the breast/breast form.

  • Bead Swim Form $85.00

    The bead forms are an alternative breast form for in water activities or exercise. If you are looking for something to create shape, weight and ideal for water, then the bead form is a reliable, cost effective option!

  • Natura 3E 397 Breast Form $600.00

    The Amoena Natura 3E is designed to drape softly, closely resembling the fall of a woman as own breast. The Natura 3E provides the perfect outline and moves naturally when you do.

  • Soft & Light 66-378 Breast Form $470.00

    Silima Soft and Light, is our most popular and easy-fitting breast form. It feels natural and is comfortable to wear, thanks to its three-layered silicone construction, combining light weight with a pleasantly soft feel.

  • Ultra Light 66-374 Breast Form $470.00

    Silima Ultralight is made up of a special lightweight silicone and structure to achieve weight saving of up to 60%. Feel the difference today!

  • Aqua Wave Swim Form $320.00

    The Amoena Aqua wave is a transparent silicone breast form ideal for water activities. Its unique, natural shape allows for an even distribution of air and water flow, creating a comfortable fit for all sizes!

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