Dear Boobs Book

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Purchase this stunning coffee table book and read these amazing personal stories.


Dear Boobs contains one hundred letters to breasts from women affected by breast cancer. This book, and the brief stories within are heartwarming, inspirational and courageous all at once.



(please note: the stand and accessories are not included)

Background to Emily and The Dear Boobs Project

I am Emily, a 38 year old mummy of two, wife, and inspired breast cancer survivor dreaming of creating something that I found to be missing whilst going through my breast cancer treatment.

I invited breast cancer survivors, and BRCA previvors, to write a letter to their wobbly womanly body parts as part of a unique, first of its kind book project that I launched after completing my treatment in 2017.

The Dear Boobs Project intends to start conversations about how women feel about their bodies and breasts after breast cancer or BRCA surgery, to address the impact of altered body image, and explore how it can be overcome.

Sharing wisdom | Inspiring healing | Celebrating community.


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