Mediven Thrombexin 18 – Thigh High Stockings


Mediven Thrombexin Stockings are ideal for pre- and post-surgical care, they offer therapeutic effectiveness and comfort for recumbent patients

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Immobile patients have special requirements during their hospital stay. Due to the inactivity of the calf muscle pump the speed of venous blood return to the heart decreases. This increases the risk of thrombosis and post-operative and post-traumatic oedema formation. Graduated compression socks and supports, promote blood flow back to the heart. This can reduce post-operative and post-traumatic oedema and effictively prevent thrombosis.

Ideal for: 

  • Non-ambulatory bed-restricted patients, or post-surgical wear
  • Pre-and post-operative prophylactic thrombosis management


  • Smooth, soft, breathable weave
  • Highly resistant to damaging medical creams and lotions
  • Durable to withstand routine laundering without compression breakdown
  • 18 mmHg Compression
  • Ankle measurements are required for fitting
  • Stockings are fitted for thigh length only
  • Also available: Thrombexin 18 Knee High Stockings
  • Available in White only

NB: Due to hygiene reasons, this product can not be returned for a refund or an exchange. Please ensure that the measurements are correct for their intended use. 

If we do not have your size in stock, this product can be put on back order. It may take up to three weeks, however we will let you know at the time of your purchase. 


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