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Support Belts and Braces – Orthocare

We offer a wide range of support belts for your health and wellbeing. Whether you have a medical condition or you are simply looking for more support, then our exclusive world leading range from Thuasne in France will ensure you get the correct fit and the feeling of support that you need.

Our staff can recommend the best and most suitable products for you and they are fully trained to be able to provide a personalised fit to suit your body shape and your needs.

Our range includes an excellent selection of world leading products from Thuasne in France, including;

LombaSkin – back support;

LombaMum – maternity support for you and baby;

Dynabelt – abdominal support braces;

Hernia Belts – for both unilateral and bilateral hernia.

Genuextrem and Ligastrap Genu – knee support braces.

Ligastrap Malleo and Malleoaction – ankle supports

Condylex and Silistab Epi – elbow braces, including for tennis elbow

Ligaflex Classic and Ligaflex Manu – rigid wrist supports


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